Jurong Town Council Website

Jurong Town Concil (JRTC) now has a showcase for their wonderful residents and MPs on their new CMS (content management system) site, JRTC.ORG.SG. Efusion Technology helped JRTC, and their management team, create a site to launch their council news, latest updates, tender results. The website also features a few key functionality - namely a Constituency Locator, Cash For Trash programme, facilities booking system and best cleaner award.

An important component of the new site was that it have a simple design that let the photos speak for themselves. Another big factor for JRTC.ORG.SG was that it should be easy for their team to maintain it. The easy to use CMS system will allow any of their non-IT personnel to easily insert new contents. Due to political reasons and some government regulations, some of the contents (especiallly images) took a while to get approved and uploaded. After 1 month plus of extensive work, JRTC.ORG.SG website was launched with approval even from the members of parliment and ministers.