Frequently Asked Questions

How to get more traffic to my store via search results?

Keyword Planner tool is a free keyword research tool that Google offers.  The tool allows you to do research to determine how many average monthly searches are conducted with certain keywords on Google.  This will allow you to find out which set of keywords are popular and related to what you are offering on your ecommerce web store.



Let's try with Google Keyword Planner that there were about 10K-100K,100 average monthly searches for the keyword “QR code scanner” as compared to "barcode scanner".  We followed this same process with other keywords and found that there were the keyword "reader" is often used as commonly as "scanner".

So with more knowledge on the commonly keywords used, we can factor these keywords into my product NAME, DESCRIPTIONS, and search engine friendly UR (SEF URL). This will significantly your website traffic.