How to insert an image into a static content page?

Create a new static content page. To learn how to create a static content page, please refer to our CMS FAQs.

If the image used has not been uploaded yet, click on the Upload button on the top right-hand area to upload the image.

After uploading the image, select the Images tag on the right-hand panel. Select the image you want to insert in the Gallery Image box and click on the » button. In the editor, place your cursor at the location where you wish to insert the image. Click on the insert image button located on the bottom left of the editor. The tag {mosimage} will appear and it represents the position where the image will appear when view from the front-end. You can add a few images in each content page. The images will appear in the page in the order that they appear in the Content Images field. You can use the Up and Down buttons to adjust the order of the images.

Under Edit Image on the right-hand panel are various attributes that you can assign or adjust for the image that
you have picked. These include the alignment of the picture, any alternate text that you would like
to have displayed when the user’s mouse is over the picture and a caption for the picture and the
position that you would like it to appear. Once you have set the desired attributes for the image,
click the Apply button.