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Blindly building a website is not going to work. Stategic planning with the web developer is key in creating an EFFECTIVE Website. The first thing about an effective website is that it must be found from search results. Here are some of our clients' website which obtained healthy ranking without external SEO cost. At Efusion, we think and build your website in a SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY way.

Momentum Creations Pte Ltd

Rank (Google SG)

leather sofa


sean dix collection 1
3 seater recliner 1


Hommage Lifestyle

Rank (Google SG)

japanese furniture


vintage design bookshelf 1
wooden kitchenware 2 

Rank (Google SG)

japanese furniture


japanese chair 1
japanese sofa 3


Duprex Singapore Pte Ltd

Rank (Google SG)

Paper Towel Dispenser


liquid soap dispenser 9
Air Freshener Dispenser 1


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Why you need an ecommerce website

For your business to grow, it must constantly reach out to new customers and communicate effectively with existing ones. If you have a physical shop, you would probably realised that these two requirements for growth are not easily achieved. Creating an eCommerce website allows a retail store to break-through the limitations a physical location presents, while increasing sales of its products.

5 Reasons an eCommerce Website is Necessary to Grow Your Business:

1.  Your one month rental in a prestige shopping mall can be used to cover cost of building an ecommerce website, which can be used for the next 5 years.

2.  Better conversion rates. No matter how popular your brand is, if your conversion rate is low, the profits will be low as well. Having an eCommerce platform helps you to increase your conversion rate since people get a chance to immediately buy from you, rather than having to wait before visiting the store.

3.  Reach new prospective customers through search engines. The new generations only search from Google.

4.  Reduced risk, increased profitability. To manage and run an online store, you need a smaller workforce, thus increasing margin between profits and spending. Also, there is also the advantage of reduced risk which adds to the list of the benefits of having an eCommerce store.

5.  Ability to be open 24/7. With an eCommerce website, you will allow your audiences to purchase from you not just during regular store hours, but throughout the entire day. Whether it is Sunday or a national holiday, your estore is always open. This too helps you to make more sales, hence, boosting sales.

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Case Study (Hong Ye Group)

The Hong Ye Group offering a wide spectrum of service ranging from supplying manpower to MICE Banquets, Professional Cleaning Services and Food & Beverage. Hong Ye was founded in 2010. In 2011, Shangri-La Hotels awarded the first contract.

Our client wanted a fresh new look that is not too congested with text. Organised and easy for visitor to search for information that was previously difficult.

With that in mind, we came out with a website that has a better User Experience (UX).

Visit their website now at

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Case Study (Full Potiential Chiropractic)

Full Potential Chiropractic is a leader in whole family natural wellness in Singapore. The HarbourFront office first opened in 2009, and has established a strong track record of leading people from all walks of life to achieve their full health potential. The practice was rebranded as Full Potential Chiropractic in 2011, and it is continuing it’s journey towards becoming the best wellness practice in South East Asia.

Our client wanted a more user friendly website with better Search Engine Opitmization (SEO) to suit the changing trends in how consumers are shopping online. They also needed the website to be mobile responsive.

We went for a full-width approach with huge introduction banner and icons to properly introduce chiropractic.

Not only did we improved the aestheic of the website, we've also improved the call-to-action feature.

Visit their website now at

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Case Study: Carragheen

Carragheen SkinCare Boutique was established in 1999 by Cherlyn Ng, as a one-stop beauty haven designed for today's women constantly faced with changing lifestyle demands. With more than 10 years of experience in providing specialized beauty and body treatments, we give our clients the undivided attention they deserve to rediscover their natural beauty and confidence.

Carragheen SkinCare Boutique's previous website was in need of a revamp due to its dated look and was unable to sell products through their CMS website. With much experiences, an online counterpart was needed to help target audience purchase products with a simpler and at a more convenient method.

Carragheen SkinCare Boutique look into improving customers' shopping experience with an online store.

As Carragheen SkinCare Boutique pays much attention to their returning clients, the website was redesigned to serve their long-term customers better. The new website utilises the system to provide a better user interface for all ages. We tailor made a credit system so that returning customer will receive more discount and for referring a friend, you be entitled with $20 service voucher.

Go check out their web store at

oldnew carragheen

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Case Study: Château de Sable

Château de Sable is a children clothing brand founded in 2001 by French designer, Stéphanie Lemaire. Her “French touch” and quality fabrics helped the brand to grow consequently in Asia for the start. Château de Sable currently has 27 stores operating in 11 countries.

Château de Sable's previous website was in need of a revamp due to its dated look and lack of support for mobile devices. With stores located worldwide, an online counterpart was needed to help target audience from different countries.

With Château de Sable's attention to details and quality in mind, the website was redesigned to reflect that. The new website utilises a large homepage slider to broadcast on-going promotions and special deals. The slider is tailored to show only relevant promotions for each specific country/region. Also, the website offers payment in more than 5 currencies to cater to various international customers.

Château de Sable was looking to improve customers' shopping experience with interactive catalogue. A lookbook was incorporated to turn their beautiful offline catalogue into an easy and interactive way to shop online.

Go check out their web store at

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Why you shouldn’t use Shopify as your e-commerce solution

If you are planning to open an online store and start selling to the rest of the world, should you be using Shopify? You may be thinking "Well, it is just $19/mth. It is worth a try, right? ".  Here are something for you to ponder about:

  1. The $19/mth package comes with nothing. If you are planning a competitive business, let's look at $102/mth or $231/mth then.

  2. Opps sorry, the commitment is $102x12 since you need to signup for a YEAR!? So if you plan to run the business for 5 years, we are looking at $6120...and did i mention GST?

  3. You might still need to settle email hosting on your own

  4. Ok, you can choose free templates from shopify but why do you want your shop to look like your competitors' shop? You can engage a 3rd party designer to customize your template. So more $$$.

  5. Finally settled in..WHAT?! The only useful credit card processing provider is Paypal? What if i want to do ENETS internet banking? Alipay? Unionpay? You might be thinking that you can get a 3rd party programmer to integrate with ENETS. NO! This is a functional modification, and it cannot be done on Shopify. You cannot modify Shopify's core functionality and workflow, period.

  6. Ok, you can live with all these basic features and "try" out the business but these questions keep popping up...
    1. Opps, the template seems to be broken? I just can't seem to fix it? I am not not an IT person, why am i doing this?
    2. How do i use this built-in function? What is that tutorial talking about?
    3. How do i get more traffic and more sales?
    4. How do i even run the business?
    5. How do i link my online sales with my accounts?
    6. I have a physical shop, why am i managing the stock in such a messy way?
    7. How do i scale this website for growth?
    8. I still have ZERO sales after opening for 3 months!
    9. i need help on SEO and SEM, my shop cannot be found in Google. Oh great, my website is classified as a US site since it is sitting on a US IP address.
    10. Argh, who can i talk to? That technical support guy doesn't know anything about running a business.

  7. Fast forward a year and now you've decided to build your own web store...
    1. Shopify is not yours, you cannot move it to your own server and get your "IT friends" to take over.
    2. You cannot extract the records from Shopify, there is no way to get into the database system.
    3. Well, you start all over again.

The End. Like that die lah!


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Design Wars

What once was entirely Apple’s competitive advantage – highest quality design – has now been adopted by the two other tech giants. Google and Microsoft have improved leaps and bounds since the days of the Zune and utilitarian-programmer design. Design has now been taken seriously by these industry titans, that seek to build it into their DNA. No longer creating for just one device, all of these companies are future-proofing their design philosophies for the next big thing.


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